Working the Catwalk as a Team – and I’m not talking about a Runway!

Working the Catwalk as a Team
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During my pre-teen to young adult years I was involved with Upper Darby Summer Stage – a local community theater program that has cultivated many talented performers and leaders. Lessons learned during those formative years are still used today.

I recently caught up with a friend from Summer Stage who is an international journalist living in the Middle East reporting in war torn areas. She shared that as an American, she is one of the few journalists allowed in more hostile areas because she has developed a reputation for being quick on her feet and thinking outside the box. She attributes her skills to lessons learned at Summer Stage.

When performing in a production, you have to work as a team with your fellow cast. The great lessons learned in Summer Stage didn’t always happen in front of the lights. Sometimes, the greatest lessons were behind the lights.

In my early Summer Stage years, I remember going up into the ceiling area – called the Catwalk – to set the lights for the current production ready to launch. With the lighting director, 4 of us would be spread out along the whole Catwalk which surrounded the 3 sides of the stage below. As a kid, this was SO EXCITING! I am being given responsibility, on a walkie-talkie, working with 4 other people to set the lights with the right gel/color filters and angles, to light the stage and actors, for the best effects.

Going into the catwalk, high above the ground, is the first memory of working with people I hardly knew, to accomplish a task that benefitted others before myself. I stepped out of my comfort zone, had to think outside the box and learned – That I can do ANYTHING – especially MORE with the support of a team.

Working with people can bring out many thoughts and feelings. Accomplishing goals together and getting to know one another builds foundations of support, strength and consistency. That consistency means retention of people who want to stay and work together because of the trust and respect built and maintained.

Rock Paper Team is a way to step out of your comfort zone, work with your team and get to know each other outside of your work roles. Building work relationships with people you spend a majority of your time lessens anxiety and increases productivity. Think of Rock Paper Team for your 2015 team building, training or conference for a fun, interactive experience that you won’t forget. Think outside the Box with RPT and take that bold step onto the Catwalk – TOGETHER!

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