Corporate Team Building

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Corporate team building events have been proven to increase the effectiveness of a company, and the customized packages offered by Rock Paper Team provide an experience that’s tailored to your professional team. Our holistic approach tackles work-life balance, in-office efficiency, and retention of both employees and clients. With over ten years of experience in company team building and team development in New York City, we are experts at providing the best team building experience for your business.

We Define Corporate Team Building As:

Teammates allowing themselves to engage and get to know each other outside of their work roles – in new experiences that will strengthen the foundation of their work relationships – thus resulting in increased employee engagement and improved productivity and retention.

Fun with a Purpose

At Rock Paper Team, we believe that professional team building is more than a game. It’s based on the relationships between yourself and your co-workers, and building the strength and stamina that will lead your team, your clients, and your company to success.

As a team building company, Rock Paper Team provides corporate team building activities in New York City that aren’t simply an item to be checked off of the on-boarding training list. When you participate in a professional company team building event with us, you’ll walk away with three things:

  1. Stronger relationships. While you don’t have to be best friends with your co-workers, you can come to understand different perspectives and personalities when you participate in corporate team activities. Each team member also has the opportunity to shine and showcase his or her unique talents. Throughout our team building activities for work and corporate groups in NYC, employees develop trust and respect for their colleagues.
  2. Learning experiences. Each day, employees should learn something new. Rock Paper Team’s corporate group activities strive to ensure that you leave with more knowledge then when you came. For example, during a picture scavenger hunt, no one person is the leader – leadership is fluid and depends on the task and the talent of each teammate. What you take away from your activity will be applied to your everyday work, enhancing your interaction, communication, energy, and productivity in the workplace.

  3. Increased morale. Factors like miscommunication, work style differences, trust issues and more can lead to a team breakdown. By building up your professional team, you will see more effective relationships, thus building retention within the company. It’s difficult to keep up office morale if employees constantly come and go or leave the company after a short time. The money and energy spent to hire and train someone new can also be taxing on the company as a whole. Professional team building allows co-workers to see each other as people and therefore build trust and communication while understanding how to unite different work styles. Rock Paper Team helps you pick the right team activities for work and  for your specific corporate environment, enabling you to invest in the professional team you already have.

Why Corporate Team Building?

Corporate team building in NYC is our most popular service. Professional team building can benefit companies in regard to on-boarding and mergers or even professional development:

1. On-boarding

  • On-boarding interactive activities help provide a foundation for alignment of core values and team goals. Whether you are hiring new employees, interns, medical residents, or temporary employees, it is critical for corporate companies to get new hires involved with existing or new teams as quickly as possible.
  • What is your history, foundation and purpose? How do you represent your values and goals to your employees and clients? Rock Paper Team will work with your company to discover these answers in order to build custom corporate team building programs that allow the employees to get connected to their company’s roots.
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2. Mergers

  • Bringing two companies together can start off with a few bumps. Corporate team building can create opportunities for people to connect and establish strong working relationships during the transition. 
  • Productivity and retention will increase because you took a collaborative and transparent approach to get all of the employees on the same page.

3. Professional Development

  • New concepts and ideas are taking your industry into new territories. Staying with the tried and true may not be appropriate.
    • Is computer training where employees read scenarios and answer questions effective?
    • Would interactive scenarios where employees work in teams to process and find solutions help to retain knowledge better?
  • How effective is communication amongst your product developers and your sales professionals?
    • Rock Paper Team’s experience is providing technical and sales people methods that encourage listening and learning from one another in order to effectively sell the company’s products with functions that already exist.
  • Utilizing Rock Paper Team for your professional development allows participants to learn through various senses.
    • Though our interactive corporate team building programs for work, learning is retained because three or more senses or learning tools are used to help the employee succeed.
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