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With Rock Paper Team’s team building events, it’s all about thinking outside of the box and bringing people together to share experiences that they enjoy–what better way to do that than through exposure to great eats and delicious drinks?

Arranging a program that’s as easy as showing up to a vineyard or as involved as creating your own Master Chef competition is all up you. Between designing their own dishes to engaging in some food-related trivia, your workforce will be challenged and stimulated in creative and tasty new ways. These activities will spark office friendships, teamwork, and plenty of inspired problem-solving techniques.

How Do Food and Wine Events Help With Professional Development?

It’s no secret that food has a magical ability to bring people together, so why not incorporate deliciousness into your corporate activities?

Food and wine events —such as wine tastings, collaborative cooking classes, brewery tours, and more—get your workers out of the workplace and into a more fun, social mindset that will lead to instant connections between your team. Community events that celebrate promotions, new products or the completion of a project are made better in atmospheres where the involvement is greater than your average cocktail party.

Food and Wine Activities

Food Tours

Food tours in your own city, or even a mini-field trip to a neighboring community, can give your workforce something to look forward to at the end of the week, and it’s an easy way to incorporate giving back to your community.

We will work with local restaurants to create a mix of bites and brews that will ensure you have an incredible food experience that won’t only be tasty, but it will introduce your business and workforce to local restaurants and encourage future collaborations. Expert food tours don’t have to be extensive; any food lover will enjoy getting a taste of the cuisine and having a chance to meet the people behind the great recipes. Overall, you will reap the benefits of food events with a beautiful meal, a happy team, and satisfied taste buds.

Cooking Classes & Competitions

Cooking classes are a great, sustainable way to incorporate new skills into the workforce, and it’s also a great way to have a healthier workforce as well. Enroll in collaborative cooking classes that get your employees out of the office once a month, or even once a week, to achieve new skills, and foster better eating habits.

Once the skills have been established, cooking competitions within the workforce can be the perfect corporate activity. Not only is it a great way to reinforce quick thinking, innovative problem-solving skills, and camaraderie between teammates, but you also end up having a lot of food to taste test, and there’s no downside to that! Offer perks for winning dishes, such as gift certificates to restaurants, designated jean days, or even half-day Fridays.

Wine Tastings

Wine tastings are the perfect way to turn a delicious drink into a game, and a great way to engage your team. Hand out points or prizes to the winners who can identify the wine and you’ve got the perfect recipe for success: win-win situations of taste and reward!

But for those of you who prefer just to take a taste test, or perhaps to help make the wine, getting out of the traditional bar setting that most post-work affairs consist of will introduce a break from the norm and refresh your team.

Hitting the pavement in search of a good brew or a tasty treat isn’t only a great way to add a spin on the traditional after office cocktail hour, but it’s also a great way to introduce new team members to their city and to promote local businesses. Any locals or transplants to your community will benefit from Rock Paper Team’s New York team building activities as they will get better acquainted with the area and will form stronger ties that will boost teamwork and productivity.

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