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More often than not, people are working long hours in high-stress environments and this is truer in New York than anywhere else. The demands of a full-time job can certainly take their toll on people. Employees start to feel run down and burned out and the satisfaction they feel with their job takes a hit. Some situations — such as moving locations, hiring new people, changes in leadership and the start of new projects — can amplify these negative feelings even more.

If you feel like your team could benefit from an opportunity to recharge, events at Rock Paper Team are your perfect solution. Rock Paper Team can help bring your employees together outside of the office and give them a way to have fun while working on skills that easily translate to business hours. Your team will go back to work feeling refreshed and you can all enjoy a more productive, collaborative and enjoyable work environment.

One of the activities we offer is a photography event. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone, we’ve all become amateur photographers. With the help of a few professional photographers that we will partner with, you can learn new camera skills that will help you take higher-quality photos whether they’re for your daughter’s dance recital or just for you to post on social media. After learning a few new skills, Rock Paper Team will show you how to use some of the same principles from your photography lessons in your everyday working environment.

Ditch the happy hour and join Rock Paper Team for a fun photography event to refocus and reenergize your team.

How do Photography Events Help With Professional Development?

For people who work together, it’s always good to step away from the office occasionally to discover new skills and strengths. And it’s even better when you have fun in the process while learning a useful skill like photography. Our photography events in NYC can help you discover unknown talents in your employees while they get a chance to laugh and form bonds with each other. At Rock Paper Team, developing teams is our passion, and we’re experts at using our unique events to bringing your group closer together.

The problem solving and creative thinking skills you will utilize learning photography together are always a big help at the office, but it’s the bonds your employees form with each other during this group activity that really matter. When the people at your office feel closer outside of work, they’re more likely to feel respected and valued during business hours. You’ll be amazed at how our events can transform your company. All business owners and managers want to bring out the best in their employees to increase workplace satisfaction, productivity and profitability. At Rock Paper Team, we give you the tools you need to do just that.

Activities in New York

Our photography activities are great for many businesses, but we also offer events in metal making, dance, art and scavenger hunts for groups of any size. Check out our other activities for more information. We’re happy to work with you to create the best event possible for you and your team. 

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