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Successful fundraising is essential for any non-profit to thrive. Is your fundraising team running low on ideas for your next big event? Rock Paper Team creates innovative and creative team building for non-profits that are custom to your organization’s mission and values.

We specialize in creating team building activities for non-profits in NYC and serving those in the NYC nonprofit sector including, but not limited to

  • Board members
  • Development directors
  • Those in corporate America wishing to volunteer for a favorite cause
  • Teachers or students looking for a project to help a cause in their local community
  • Those in a philanthropy department looking for new opportunities to help the agencies affiliated with their company

Why Plan Events for Nonprofits?

Keeping workers, volunteers and donors immersed and involved in your nonprofit are essential. As a company specializing in team building activities for non-profits, providing a clear understanding of your organization’s mission, work and purpose is vital to success and sustainability.

Turning external awareness of your organization into action can be an ongoing challenge. You may have a list of people who have expressed interest in your cause — maybe they’ve given money once, come to an event, or have been more heavily involved — but you may find it challenging to reel this group in for more steady support. Or, perhaps, some have expressed sentiments that your events are simply out of their network’s price range.

The best way to entice these key influencers to become (and stay) more heavily involved is through amazing, memorable and fun team building activities for fundraisers — but the thought of creating your next event may feel overwhelming and even daunting. That is where Rock Paper Team helps you with team building for non-profits.

Rock Paper Team is here to help you plan the best and most effective team building activities for non-profits. Activities like our picture scavenger hunts, trivia nights and game shows open up worlds of possibilities for raising both money and awareness. Other popular choices for nonprofit fundraising include silent auctions, dinners, bowling, dining out for a cause, food drives, cookie orders, or percentage nights in which your organization receives a portion of all profits.

The Rock Paper Team Difference

No matter the type of fundraising activity you choose with Rock Paper Team, our promise is to create fun, engaging and informational team building activities for fundraisers to raise your philanthropy’s awareness and meet your organizational goals.

All Rock Paper Team asks is to spend an hour or two with a producer to make sure we know the desired goals and objectives of the event. Then, when the event is scheduled and a venue is chosen, your only responsibility is to reach out and advertise to your donors and volunteers.

We ensure that your organization will receive at least 50% of all proceeds earned from the event. With just two hours of your time, we can help you create an event filled with excitement, awareness and progress towards your mission.

With over a decade of experience in the New York City area, we’re excited to help you take your team building activities for fundraisers to the next level. Contact us for more information, to receive a quote, and to learn about the difference we can make.

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