Scavenger Hunts

Guy taking photo in scavenger hunt

What’s a Picture Scavenger Hunt Activity?

In our picture scavenger hunt event, we’ll separate your group into small, even teams. Each team will have a camera (smartphones make this part easy!) and a list of items to find during the scavenger hunt. These items may include hard-to-find places, things unique to the location, food items, specific types of clothing, interesting situations and activities your team must complete. Examples include the following:

● A woman in a black hat
● A object that starts with the letter “B”
● A slice of pizza
● A person dancing
● A group photo of a human pyramid

Each team will set off with a time limit in mind and search for each item on the list. When you find an item or complete an activity, snap a photo! At the end of the event, the team with the most found items wins!

How Do Scavenger Hunts Help with Professional Development?

Our picture scavenger hunts are the perfect corporate team building activity because they get groups out of the office and working together in a fun, no pressure environment.

Corporate team development activities like this improve communication and creative thinking skills because teams have to work together to create a winning strategy in order to find the most items. This gives each person an opportunity to showcase their strengths and voice their opinions in a relaxed environment, which promotes open communication and a free flow of ideas.

Long-term Benefits

Our scavenger hunt activity let your employees have fun together, which creates lasting bonds. These new ties provide the foundation for a more enjoyable and productive work environment, one in which every member of your team feels valued and respected. And as a manager or business owner, that’s something you’re always striving for!

If you aren’t sure if a picture scavenger hunt activity is the best kind of event for your group, check out the other activities we offer like our art or photography events. You’re sure to find something perfect for you and your group!

Where Can I Have a Scavenger Hunt?

Rock Paper Team will create a personalized scavenger hunt event to meet your needs, regardless of your company size or industry.

We will learn more about you, your company and your goals for your scavenger hunt team building experience in order to craft the perfect outing to meet your needs.

Start Planning Your Scavenger Hunt Today.