About Us

Team Building is more than a game, it’s a Way of Life!

You’re pounding the pavement or wandering a new neighborhood…with your coworkers. Maybe you’re approaching strangers, soliciting them to do innocent but hysterical things. Or you’re strategizing a pyramid formation—then forming it and snapping the shot.

Personalities fly. Steve gets competitive. Mindy gets persuasive. John shows a flair for the ridiculous. You’re all laughing, collaborating, and bonding. Back at the office, it shows.

For people who work together, it’s good to discover skills, strengths, and synergies. Even better to have fun in the process.

Rock Paper Team creates customized events that uncover talents while building laughter and affection. Team developers to our core, we organize activities that bring your teams closer—and make your workdays productive and delightful.

Team Building

The timing of team building can happen for various reasons:

  • Onboarding – Taking new hires, summer interns, or new residents or students at hospitals and schools to learn about their new environment and surroundings.
  • Relocation of offices – Moving to a new neighborhood can add challenges.  Rock Paper Team will introduce you to all of the amenities of your new area through corporate team building activities in New York City.
  • Refocus and Recharge – The team is in transition and needs a boost.  Take a break for people to get back to basics and appreciate their talented team.  This will lead to great success and new perspectives.
  • New project with a team of seasoned employees – Collaboration is key.  Bringing people together for the first time on a new project is ideal for Rock Paper Team.  We will build trust and communication to achieve your goals.
  • To Celebrate – You want an event that is about your company and team to celebrate a quarter, semester, or a year of success.  Give your team the best since they gave their best – give them a Rock Paper Team event.

When you put your heads together outside of the workplace, your team begins to function in new and better ways. Team building has been proven to enhance enthusiasm and productivity back at the office—even increasing your company’s overall effectiveness. It also helps participants achieve success on three levels: company, team, and personal.

Once you hire us, we set up a production call to hash out your needs, wants, and goals. We then devise a program strictly catered to you. Our activities give you the opportunity to integrate the results of your adventure in and out of your work environment.

About the Founder

Dan Colgan is the founder of Rock Paper Team, LLC, a team building company that blends customized, interactive experiences with clients’ goals and objectives. Dan leads events and offers workshops for organizations to facilitate team building and effective communication. Dan has 20 plus years experience with youth and adults. Some clients include University of Arkansas, Priceline Group, JP Morgan and Facebook. He is also a Stand-up Comedian who uses his performance skills to engage audiences with both professionalism and humor.