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Rock Paper Team specializes in getting employees out of the office and working together in fun and exciting ways. There are dozens of factors that affect the morale of a team everyday from office location and specific projects to new hires and interactions with company leadership. And when your employees feel worn out or run down, they don’t enjoy their jobs or perform at their best. That’s where our dance events come to play!

We work with top dance instructors in our classes who will show you how to have fun while learning a few new moves. Our classes are taught in a non-judgmental environment to instill confidence in your team members, no matter how good their dance skills are. You’ll learn how to change partners, pace yourself and stay in step — all of which are good skills to have at the office too! Then Rock Paper Team will teach you how to transition your dance skills to your 9 to 5 life and give you tips on how these lessons can help employees collaborate better and produce higher quality work for your clients and your company.

Our dance event will have you feeling comfortable and confident around your coworkers in no time, which are some of the best characteristics a business owner can hope to have in their employees. Don’t reach for the same happy hour plans the next time your team needs to refresh and refocus — let Rock Paper Team create the perfect team development event in NYC for your company.

Taking group dance lessons helps you get in sync with your team.  Do you like to move left or right?  Knowing your teammates moves and rhythms lets you collaborate better and produce higher quality work for your clients and company.  Rock Paper Team’s unique dance lessons will make your team shine like a mirror trophy after a competition. Working as a team can be a lot of fun when you know the beat of each other’s moves.

How do Dance Events Act Help With Professional Development?

At Rock Paper Team, helping groups achieve greatness is our passion. We love helping companies bring out the best in their employees through our corporate development events. Our dance events allows coworkers to get out of the office and have fun in a no-pressure, positive environment. They don’t have to worry about the stress of their jobs and, instead, they can just focus on having fun.

During our dance activities, you’ll discover the different strengths and learning styles that each of your employees have. Learning how each member of your team processes new information is vital to your company’s success. It helps you become a better leader and manager and helps each employee learn how to better communicate with their coworkers. In addition to developing stronger communication skills, groups always have a ton of fun in our dance activities.

It is hilarious watching people learn new dance moves, so this is a great activity for forming close bonds between employees. When your employees feel closer to one another then they will feel more comfortable presenting new ideas and voicing their opinions during business hours. Hearing more ideas and fostering open communication will certainly benefit your business.

Activities in New York

If you’re tired of the same old happy hour or office potluck, let Rock Paper Team create the perfect corporate team development event for you and your employees. They’re perfect for non-traditional business meetings, recharging the team after a stressful office relocation, or as a fun onboarding activity for new hires. They aren’t just great for company events though; these events can serve as a great celebration or help any type of team or group including bachelor(ette) groups, wedding weekends, birthdays, organization members, leadership teams and more. We’ll work with you to create the perfect dance event for you and your group.

And if you don’t think our dance event is right for you, don’t worry! We offer a number of team development events in New York, from art classes to metal making and scavenger hunts. We’ll help you find the perfect NYC activity for your group.

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