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There are many situations that can cause a work environment to feel stale or in need of a refresh. Maybe you’ve moved offices, brought on new team members, or created a special team for a specific project. Regardless of your situation, Rock Paper Team has corporate development events that are perfect for your company. Don’t attend the usual happy hour or sporting event — if you’re team is stuck in a rut, try our metal making team building events for something new that can not only let your employees blow off some steam, but also transform the way your team works together.

Metal making is a great corporate activity. The activities let your employees step outside of the office and use problem solving and creative thinking skills to make something the whole team can be proud of. Our events set you up with all the materials, tools and equipment you need to bend the metal to your will. Much like overcoming an obstacle in a work environment, metal making requires teamwork, creativity and determination to master.

When you participate in our events, you increase the sense of teamwork between you and your employees. This results in a more productive and collaborative work environment where employees are consistently coming up with better ideas about how to tackle problems, secure new business and get the job done. A better work environment also leads to happier employees who are excited about the work they’re doing, and we all want employees who love their jobs.

Read on for answers to commonly asked questions about our metal making activities.

What Can Your Team Make During Our Metal Making Activities?

The metal making events with Rock Paper Team let you put your imagination to the test! Your team can shape your company name out of metal, which you can then proudly display at your front desk or outside of the office as a reminder of your event. You can also make a multi-purpose cube or tray that can be used to collect mail, hold candy, or display candles or other objects around the office.

How Do Metal Making Events Help With Professional Development?

Our corporate team development events offer a low-pressure environment outside of the office for groups to work together, which helps them feel more relaxed and helps them focus on creating something fun with their coworkers without a fear of failure. Seeing the finished product instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in your team. The skills and techniques that go into metal making can definitely apply to how your team operates back in the office.

Creating something as a group allows your team to form close ties with each other. As they work together, they’re utilizing skills in communication and creative thinking that translate into a free-flow of ideas during office hours. When employees feel comfortable sharing their opinions, they often feel more respected and valued by their coworkers and managers. All of these factors work together to create a more productive and enjoyable work environment.

Our metal making events and other corporate activities are perfect for meetings, business relocations and inducting new hires into businesses of any size. They aren’t just great for those in a working relationship though, these events are also perfect for bachelor(ette) parties, wedding weekends, birthday parties or anyone looking for a fun way to explore the great things New York has to offer. Whether you’re a recent transplant or you’ve lived here your whole life, you’re sure to find something new and exciting.

If you aren’t sure that a metal making event is the best kind of activity for your group, check out the other activities we offer, like our scavenger hunts or art events. You’re sure to find something perfect for you and your group