Rock Paper Team is taking Team Building to a whole new level.

Team Building to New Level
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In this age of technology, it is easy to feel less connected. Rock Paper Team is about connecting people in the 21st Century – Face to Face. We can create competitive and non-competitive experiences. Plus we can facilitate workshops on a variety of topics using interactive activities to keep you engaged.

Rock Paper Team – What does it mean? 
– For corporate and educational groups it means getting back to your roots (Rock), getting on the same page as your brand (Paper) and getting clients and partners on board to succeed (Team)

We communicate through IM, FB, Tweets, etc – and sometimes the person we are sending these messages to is only two doors away. Rock Paper Team gives you experiences together to break the ice, build relationships and retain good people so your team can thrive.

– For weddings – Families and friends sometimes meet each other for the first time at a wedding for a loved one. Instead of feeling awkward, let Rock Paper Team create experiences that get everyone to know each other during the festive weekend. The Ring (Rock) brought the couple together. The Marriage License and Certificate (Paper) is the legal bond. Family and Friends (Team) coming to celebrate a couple’s BIG Day – make it priceless by creating an environment of familiarity and fun.

Destination Weddings or Wedding Weekends are very popular now because people move for work and are not in the same states they grew up with their families. Finding time to bring the families and friends together can create stress. Rock Paper Team will provide adventures which bring your loved ones together, mingling and laughing. Then at the reception, everyone is up dancing as one party, not on different sides of the dance floor.

Whatever your need or want to bring people together, think of Rock Paper Team. With over 15 years of experience, we are here to connect you with others for a Fun, Fantastic experience.

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