NYC Summer Activities For Office Team Building

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Ah, sweet summer, you’re back again! No doubt, the people of New York gain a boundless energy when the warm summer months come around. Although the thrill of summer may not have the same effect on the corporate office world the way it does grade school kids, New York City is in no short supply of activities that can excite and engage adults outside of the office this Summer 2016. There are plenty of summer activities that can spice up the office from baseball games to picnics to scavenger hunts. Here are some of our favorite summer NY activities for office team building that will build communication, break barriers, build trust between employees, and increase overall morale and productivity in the workplace.

Baseball Games

Try bringing the office out to a baseball game this summer. Whether baseball fans or non-fans, everyone can find fun in attending a classic ball game. Between the New York Mets, New York Yankees, and the Coney Island Cyclones, there is a baseball game going on almost every day of the week. For a comprehensive schedule of games this summer, view the official calendars for the Yankees, the Mets, and the Cyclones.

Attending a baseball game with the office this summer is a great way to enable communication between employees. Involving colleagues in fun, engaging activities outside of the office will facilitate discussion and create space for open communication among employees. Interacting at a baseball game can help participants learn more about themselves including strengths that could later be utilized in the workplace. When colleagues learn how to effectively communicate with one another, it will, in turn, build better relationships and trust in the workplace while boosting overall morale and productivity.


Picnic In The Park

What better way to take advantage of the beautiful weather than with a picnic in one of New York’s beautiful parks? Astoria Park, East River State Park, Fort Tryon Park or Madison Square Park are just a few of several great NY parks to lay down some blankets and lawn chairs, eat some food, and play a lawn game. Management could consider catering a low-maintenance, easy cleanup lunch for everyone to enjoy while employees bring their favorite game to play in the park. Types of game could range from anything from badminton to Frisbee to corn hole to kickball – whichever best fits the activity level and personality of your group.

Not only is a picnic in the park a great way to enjoy the summer sun, it’s also helpful to break barriers between employees and managers. Often in corporate settings, there is a large gap between employees and upper-level management naturally because of the different roles each one plays. Picnics and lawn games in the parks give employees a chance to view people in leadership positions as colleagues instead of bosses. This casual, fun setting will make managers seem more approachable and personable which can do wonders for office energy.


Scavenger Hunts

A company scavenger hunt may sound a little bit intimidating at first, but this activity always becomes a crowd favorite. Scavenger hunts can be done in any neighborhood in New York. Participating scavenger hunt teams will have a series of items they will have to find and capture with a smartphone photo. The teams that find the most items at the end of the event wins!

During scavenger hunts, employees work together to understand riddles, advance in the hunt and beat the other teams. Friendly competitiveness among employees is shown to ignite motivation and encourage individuals to self-seek challenges in their job role. Not only are scavenger hunts so much fun and a great excuse to escape the office, they also teach employees how to problem-solve, collaborate as a group, as well as creates a platform for them to exercise strategic and rational thinking. You could get creative and organize your own scavenger hunt, or you could leave it to an expert coordinator. To organize a personalized scavenger hunt for your office group, contact Dan Colgan at


The Rock Paper Team Experience

If one of these social team-building activities does not seem ideal for your particular office style, fret not. Rock Paper Team’s CEO and owner Dan Cogan specializes in organized team building activities of all types to engage, excite, and promote creativity within groups of colleagues through fun activities outside the office. From photography classes to cooking classes to winery and brewery tours, Rock Paper Team is sure to have an activity for your group.

At Rock Paper Team, we believe in the notion that a staff that feels a strong sense of belonging, achievement, and influential within a working environment is overall more content and productive at their job. Invest in team building activities to inspire workers to communicate, connect, and grow through planned events that are fun & motivational.


View some of the other team building activities we offer or call us for more information at 212-925-5604.

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