Increase the Success of Your Sales Team with Team Building Activities

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Every team in the office can get into a slump from time to time, but you never want these lapses in productivity to have a lasting, negative impact on your business. When it comes to your sales team, however, a period of decreased performance can be devastating. You count on these people to bring in new business, and when the team isn’t performing as well as they could be, your company is losing out on valuable opportunities. One way to fight the slump and give employees the boost they need is through team building activities for sales teams.

Think about it: your sales team constantly has to be “on point” in order to track down new leads and close the best deals, and the success of your company depends on it. That’s a lot of pressure to be under all the time. And when things aren’t going well, it’s easy for those employees to develop negative attitudes toward themselves or their jobs — and that certainly doesn’t help anyone. With a fun sales team building event, your sales team can come back to work refreshed and excited to tackle a new set of challenges and prospects.

Team building activities are more than just games — at least the way Rock Paper Team does them. With RPT, you’ll get a unique, customized event that is perfectly tailored to your sales team (full of exciting activities and fun lessons they can take back to the office). A RPT event is a great way for stressed employees to blow off some steam and explore new problem solving skills. Depending on your goals and what you want to accomplish with a corporate team building activity, we will plan the perfect package for your company’s sales team.

Team Building Activities for Sales Teams

As we mentioned above, the pressures facing sales teams are unique. If you’re concerned about team morale, events that let teams relax and enjoy some bonding time away from the office are a great fit. Food and wine activities like wine tastings, brewery tours and cooking classes are a great option — sharing a meal and a few drinks is an inherently social and celebratory activity, and it provides an easy opportunity for team members to bond outside of office hours. Plus, you get to experience something different than a traditional corporate happy hour.

Events like photo scavenger hunts and interactive workshops are great sales team building activities. They get co-workers out of the office and into a new environment, where they can tap into their creative side to solve problems in a no-pressure environment. When team members aren’t under specific pressures to succeed, they feel more comfortable sharing new ideas and thinking more creatively, because there’s no fear of failure.

The bonds and creative thinking skills developed during team building activities for sales teams can easily be taken back to the office and used to transform the attitudes of your sales team. And a more successful sales team means more leads for your business, and greater success for your company as a whole. And who wouldn’t want that?

If you’d like more information on team building events in NYC and what Rock Paper Team can do for your company, contact us today!

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