Thursday Thoughts – Weaving People Together

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When I first started my career in Ministry, I had a Spiritual Director (a coach). During my time with Fr. Jerry, I learned one of my gifts is Weaving People Together.

As I worked with different staffs as a fellow team member we would have team building professionals come in for training and workshops. The one question always asked was “Who on the staff is the most collaborative.” The answer from all of the staffs was the same – “Dan Colgan”

For me, being the youngest of 10 kids in my family, it was always natural to work with others and combine talents and resources to make the end result the best outcome possible. Throughout my younger years, I worked in theater, choirs and programs that were team-centric where we lifted each other up to be the best we could be and achieve.

I’m currently teaching a course on Holiness for adults and I am reminded about my gift of Weaving People Together. In the first 2-weeks of the course, the amount of sharing personal and spiritual stories are amazing, but not surprising. When I create and facilitate programs, I encounter people letting their guards down and interact with one another.

One of my friends and colleagues, Jacklyn Lim (CEO of OSM Partners –, after experiencing one of my team building programs, said: “You have this uncanny ability to get adults to say Yes to things that they would never say yes.” One of the other comments Jacklyn shared was “One of the things that stood out to me was how quickly an unfamiliar group of people learned to work together, delegate and capitalize on each member’s assets to complete a project.”

Bottom line – From my experiences, I encounter people who want to connect and grow. Throughout my life, I have been given the opportunities to bring people together and use my talents to create safe, fun and productive environments, events and programs. This is why I do both Team and Community Building – it’s in my veins and my soul.

What gift or talent do you have that you bring to the people in your life – whether professional or personal?