Summer is fast approaching.  Camp leaders are being hired.  Campers are registering for innovative experiences. Ages vary, roles change and some campers become leaders.  Besides the programs you have in place to answer these transitions, how are you as a Camp Owner or Director staying ahead of the changes?  At Rock Paper Team, we provide team building services for all levels and groups of your camp.

The excitement of summer starting with new and returning campers is fever pitch.  The anticipation of seeing leaders lead, older campers pass on traditions and younger campers in awe of what they can accomplish are the stages which produce success

Rock Paper Team is here for you through all of the stages.

We provide interactive opportunities:

  • whether you are starting your new camp year with orientation and training
  • to in-service days throughout the year to keep you inspired and motivated.

Customizing programs based on your goals, camp themes and mottos, mascots and identity are what Rock Paper Team will create for you.  Team building services are our specialty

  • Do you want to go on a Picture Scavenger Hunt, finding people, places and items that reflect your camp goals or theme?  Creativity increases relationships by working together!
  • Do you want to hold an in-service day introducing a new method?  Or to get the entire staff on-board with the camp’s foundation and mission?  Team building for Camp Leaders inspires!
  • Do you want to celebrate and say Thank You to your staff and campers for achievements above and beyond the goals set?  Gratitude increases positivity!
  • Do you want to build respect, trust and communication among your camp leaders? Your sports teams?  Your clubs and organizations?  Team building for Campers and Staff encourages growth and community!
  • Do you want your incoming new campers to learn about the camp on a fun adventure where they build lasting relationships with their peers and the camp?  Camp team building enhances the foundation of your camp through customization!

If you said yes to any of these questions, then Rock Paper Team is for you!

Testimonial from an educational institution:

Dan Colgan is a dynamic and didactic presenter! His energy is contagious and his experiences are relevant. What a wonderful facilitator for our Professional Development Day on campus. His team was quick to respond and their communication styles were seamless. His team was able to create a customized workshop specifically for our interdepartmental needs. I am very pleased with his service and highly recommend him. Thank you Dan, for spending the day with us here in Whitestone, Queens.

Kate Clymer

Director of Career Services at Lincoln Technical Institute

Having worked with youth to adults, Dan understands the needs of camp teams and participants.  The pulse and energy of those who take on leadership responsibilities at a camp, whether campers or staff, requires building trust and support beyond the activities.  Rock Paper Team will give you tools to adapt for how your camp works currently and where you want to go in the future.

The Foundation for Success is You!