Refresh Your Team with Spring Team Building Activities

Spring Team Building Activities
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Spring is in full swing, and you know what that means — eating on patios, soaking up the extra hours of sunshine and going through the process of spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time to declutter and refresh your house, car or workspace to start the season with a “fresh start” when the time changes. But your closet isn’t the only place that can benefit from a reset. Taking some time to refresh and recharge with corporate team building activities can do wonders for your employees as well.

The cold, dark winter months are deadly to company morale. It’s common for people to feel sad or down during winter, and this feeling can impact all areas of their lives. When people aren’t feeling the best, they aren’t doing their best work — feeling run down, tired and moody causes stress levels to increase and attitudes to be more negative. Not to mention, many companies see a decrease in new business and productivity in the winter months due to multiple holidays, the very real effects of “vacation hangovers” and a general decline in sales.

All of this is bad for your business. But when springtime rolls around, you can expect to see a slight positive shift in attitudes. When temperatures begin to inch higher and the daylight hours start to stretch on a little longer each day, it’s the perfect time to bolster employees’ spirits with a fun bonding event. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to get out of the office and enjoy the beautiful spring weather while you’re working toward building a better, more cohesive team.

Corporate team building activities help employees shake the winter blues by bringing them closer together. It’s easy to feel less excited about your job when you, and your co-workers, are suffering from higher-than-average stress levels. Participating in a fun group event will recharge your team members and help them remember what it is they love about their jobs. Best of all, these events can be tailored to suit your company and your employees’ needs. That means no matter what size your business is or what goals you’re trying to accomplish through team building, there’s a corporate event that’s perfect for you.

Some of the best team building events in New York let you get out of the office and have fun in a purposeful way. You can also find plenty of outdoor activities to help you soak up some vitamin D while you’re at it! Sand sculpting events help build better relationships between employees by utilizing each person’s unique strengths and capabilities. These activities require creativity and input from all team members, which promotes better communication and a stronger flow of ideas. These are all excellent skills your team members can take back to the office with them, along with the bonds they form with each other along the way!

Participating in community service events is also ideal for your company during the spring. Not only are co-workers giving back to the community they live or work in by supporting neighborhood growth and local initiatives, but these events are also perfect for building robust relationships with your business and the community. Helping with environmental projects like roach or beach clean-ups, community gardens, and charity race events feels good — it brings your employees closer together and increases your company’s visibility in the community. Who wouldn’t want that?

Another good corporate team building event for spring is a photography lesson. When your team learns the basics of capturing a good photo, they also learn skills that help them focus their energies at work (pun intended). You’ll also learn some practical tips that can help you take better photos at any time in your life, from black-tie corporate events to your son’s first little league game. Plus, it’s an excellent excuse in the spring to snag a few shots of the beautiful green trees and blooming flowers that surround you.

Corporate team building events, like the ones here at Rock Paper Team, truly do help to refocus and reenergize your employees by creating closer bonds between co-workers. They help each team member feel more valued and respected, which in turn leads to more open communication during business hours. This trickle-down effect also results in better ideas and increased productivity. And on top of all that, your employees will really enjoy coming to work, because they’ll see their co-workers as their friends and teammates, rather than just a few people with whom they work.

At Rock Paper Team, we’re passionate about setting your business up for lasting success by bringing your employees closer together. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have about spring team building events, and we can even talk you through creating the perfect event for your company. Contact us today to learn about all the events we have to offer and how we can tailor them to suit your needs and exceed your expectations.

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