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On-boarding is a key foundation in which the Rock Paper Team company was built upon. After working with many different companies, colleges, nonprofits and institutions in New York City, a theme emerged and a realization occurred: not all groups put a focus on where they came from or the mission of their founders. While it’s important to look at core values, goals and objectives, it’s equally as important to know why these exist and where they came from — not knowing can be likened to a bouquet of flowers that, while pretty, have no roots.

There are many different types of groups that can benefit from the team building events provided by Rock Paper Team, such as:

  • Corporate new hires: Companies that hire large numbers of employees in a short period of time and need to hold training opportunities for the collective group
  • Students: Colleges and universities that hold orientation sessions for their new and first year students, or that have a “welcome week” for new students
  • Residents: Hospitals and healthcare facilities with residency programs that require orientation
  • Summer associates: Law firms with summer associates or any other firms with an intern program
  • Nonprofits: Organizations with new board members or volunteers
  • Interns & Co-ops: Businesses with co-ops or interns throughout various times of the year
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Why Team Build With On-boarding?

Team building gives the new additions to an institution a chance to get their bearings, meet one another, and immerse themselves in the company’s culture. All of RPT’s activities can be held in a classroom/conference setting, or they can be taken outdoors for more exploration.

One of our most popular team building exercises is a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” adventure that serves to help new employees get to know their new area. New York City is a huge city with something to offer for almost anyone, but it can be overwhelming at times. We want to help your employees know what’s around their new working district, whether it be nearby bars, gyms, restaurants, and so on — knowing these landmarks will make your employees feel more “at home” in their new environment and will bring them a sense of comfort in an otherwise unfamiliar setting.

A photo scavenger hunt or detective case adventure can also give your new team members, students, lawyers, doctors/nurses, or board members a sense of their new local surroundings. By providing these opportunities, you are helping your new employees, interns, residents, or volunteers build relationships, thus strengthening retention and productivity.

The Rock Paper Team Difference

Team building events in NYC can create new connections and increase collaboration. If you would like to explore ideas about how to welcome new members to your company or institution, then Rock Paper Team is for you. With everything from interactive professional development workshops to team building game shows, we will create a customized experience so your foundation and brand are present in each aspect of the activity, making your new employees even more excited about their future with you.

At Rock Paper Team, we know how important it is for the newest members of your team to feel welcome. With ten plus years of experience in team building, we’re experts at bringing people together for authentic bonding. Contact us to receive a custom quote and learn more information about the difference we can make.

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