Rock Paper Team’s Camp Day will Amp your Team Building with:

Customized Challenges
Build Team Spirit
Perform both Mental and Physical Feats

Rock Paper Team is now bringing their 15+ years of experience in group dynamics and corporate team building philosophies to partner with summer camps and park services to provide your company or group with an unbelievable experience.

We get it, you hear team building and you think “What do I have to do?” With RPT’s Camp Day, you’ll be asking your teammates “What do we do next?”

With events ranging from 2 hours to an entire day, Rock Paper Team will work with you to understand your company’s culture and team building goals to create an entirely customized experience that may include:

  • Relay Races with mental and physical challenges
  • Color War
  • Wacky “Olympic” Style games

In addition to your team building experience, you can go swimming in a pool! Have a Clam Bake followed by S’mores! Go hiking and rock climbing! Sing song parodies with a live band! Paddle boats! Ziplining!

You name it, we will help you create it!

Contact for more information.